Why Us?

We know that you can head into a retailer, go online or even head to a jewelry wholesale district to search for the best deal. While we provide wholesale prices and strive to be as competitive as possible, we also offer what these options lack. Personal Service. We fully back our product and stand behind our work. We come to you (or send our product to you), wherever and whenever convenient.

Why Got Jewelry

We can either provide you a custom design or work to create a piece that matches your own. We work in all precious materials from platinum to gold and can find the perfect diamond or colored stone supplied directly from holding sites around the world. We can either create the entire piece or simply find the perfect stone or create the perfect setting. You are involved in the process from approving the wax to choosing the stone(s). In addition, we provide various quick gift ideas sourced from across the country should you be looking for something special. Our jewelry is your source for jewelry.